Our Approach

How we work

We have a simple, four stage approach to working with clients:


It’s important for us to understand what makes your business unique. The best way for us to do this is to work with you over the course of a half or full day workshop where we review some or all of the talent management cycle. Using our expert insight, we will then produce a detailed report which highlights how Green Jay can support you by developing and implementing improved people management strategies and initiatives to better recruit, retain and develop your talent.


We will work collaboratively to develop revised strategies, initiatives,

processes and procedures which are tailored to your organisations

culture and values.


We will implement the initiatives by working closely with you to

understand your unique culture, constantly identifying ways to

ensure that key stakeholders are onboard as we work through the

implementation stage.


We will be on hand throughout the process (and beyond) offering support, advice and guidance to ensure that any initiatives we help you to introduce are a success.

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